she was took so soon and i can’t bare living my life with my nans and she raised me and the other always gave me momey, im still young. I lost two nans i can’t deal with this, none if my friends understand :frowning:

Hello, welcome to the community, there are many on here who have lost their nans and understand what you are going through. We all know that if this loss has not affect our family and friends then they do not understand what pain we are going through. I am pleased you have found this community and I hope you get some comfort from knowing you are not alone. Please read other peoples post knowing we all understand. Take care. S xxx

Hi, I lost my dad on Saturday, I’ve never lost anybody I love before, deeply love. I don’t know if my feelings are normal, I can be walking along and everything reminds me of him (even the bus, because its the bus he would get if he chose not to drive, as an example), and its like a wave of sadness, and I can’t breathe. My heart physically hurts

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