Haven’t been on here for so long, what a year with Covid hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel so many have lost their loved ones I so appreciate my widow groups which I’m with all placed over the UK Way-up and Jollie Dollies and think we may get a few more members when they hear about them, such a support made lots of friends on meeting up for a coffee/meals/walks always cheery and welcoming as we can relate to our situation.

I would love to join this and meet up . I live in Norfolk so it’s hard when we all live so far apart . I lost my husband in December and take great comfort in this group as we are going through the same emotions .

Do we have such a meeting group in Oxford? I would love to join something like this to meet new friends?

sorry hardly ever go on this site much now only now and again, google Way up widows and it should come up with information Way Up widows/widowers is all over the UK feel sure there are members in your area, you need to fill in a form to join but its very simple to do I’m with Way Up have been for several years when my husband passed away 2012.

Hi hardly go on this site now only now and again, google Way Up widows and it should come up with information also Jolly Dollies they are on the website hope that helps both these groups are all over the UK.

Thanks for the info will look them up :+1:

Hi Kim sorry to hear of your loss we need to all meet up and start some kind of get together s ?

Andy xx