Will it ever get better?

Here I go again: crying my eyes out, shaking all over, cannot sleep, cannot concentrate. Will it ever get better? 2 months and 4 days since I lost my beloved husband. Is there any hope left?


We have to have hope. I find it helps to just let all your feelings out on this site.
5 weeks for me, and some days I think, I can’t do this, but what choice have we got? I would not want to inflict upset on my family, so I trudge through everyday and take comfort from the people who say it gets easier in time. X


Your grief is deep because your love was and is deep. I promise you will it get better and I know this because you are doing things for yourself like being on here. Every time you let go and cry like that, you are healing xxxxxx may not feel like it, but you are. That’s you processing and healing xxx


I feel for you Anna. It does get better but slowly. Events don’t feel so raw as time helps you get used to your loss and helps us accept it. We will never stop loving and missing our OH. It has been two years for me and I still cry daily. He is my first thought on waking and last thought at night. I did see my GP and take antidepressants and sleeping tablets as I need them to help me cope. It is not the same for everyone as we all deal with our loss differently but we can all help each other as we are walking the same path. For me it has been a long and hard road. Some days I can smile but others I cry endlessly. I think it is a release of emotion after holding it all in convincing myself that I can cope I have a sister and brother who have been and still are amazing. Take all help offered and keep posting. There are lovely people who will help on this site. It has been my lifeline. Sending hugs x


@Annaessex It was 12 months ago on the 16th April that I lost my childhood sweetheart, lover, wife, mother of our children and best friend. We’d been together for 56 years, married for nearly 50. Like you, I too thought there wasn’t much point going on, some days, I still feel the same.
I don’t think the pain ever goes away but I’ve found it gets less.
Take one day at a time, however you feel, is exactly how you should feel and it’s perfectly OK to feel like that.
Be kind to yourself.
I wish you comfort on this journey we all share.