Wish he was here

My Rob was a mental health nurse and he would have pointed me in the right direction regarding my mum and her situation .
She is suffering from anxieties at the moment and she has had to go into respite care ( where Rob was a staff nurse for about three years ) and at the end of this week she is dumps to be discharged and so her anxieties are once again climbing up towards the roof and I just know if she comes home it will all escalate again.
If only Rob was here he could guide me as to what’s best for my mum . Iv been dealing with this situation for two weeks with no one to come home to and chat about it . At one point I had had only 6 hours sleep in one week , since my mum has been in respite I have managed to relax knowing she is not alone and looked after and my phone isn’t going to ring and any hour of the night .


Dear @Kazzer

I am sorry to hear about your mum and her anxieties, this must be so stressful for you.

Have you considered getting help with mum as to Carers coming in and visiting her? You could discuss this with the staff where your mum is currently having respite and see how they can support you or advice you as to getting a Carer in place.

You could also contact your local Council and see if they can help and see what support facilities they have.

I do hope it all works out for you.

Take care.


I do hope you

Pepsi I have discussed it with the staff and getting help for my mum isn’t the biggest issue but what is ,is that my mums anxieties are around evenings and through the night and carers at this time of day are practically none existent . I am a carer myself and have lost shifts through responding to my mum durning the night time and not been able to do my shift the following day . Thank you for your advice it’s very much appreciated

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