Wish would go to sleep and never wake up !

My husband died on the 21st Feb , he very fit went to the gym every day , played golf retired early loved life he had a cold which he couldn’t shift for nearly 3 weeks, on the morning of the 21st he was taking me for an appointment at 10am , he went down stairs to make breakfast and had a heart attack . I tried to save him and so did the paramedics he died at Heathlands Hospital age 59 .

I have read all the comments for the past few months but just wish i was dead [edited by admin] but i have 3 grown up children and couldn’t put them through another tragedy .

I miss him so much , life is just un bearable every day is the same i am only at peace when i am asleep .


Hi sorry for your loss it’s very hard we have so many emotions going on in our situation. Please talk to your GP on how your feeling like you said you feel like not living but couldn’t put your children through that. My husband Mick passed away on 21st March went into Heartlands hospital with a ruptured bowel then told only a few days to live I brought him home he was also fit healthy man. My children are 26 and 24 I have a granddaughter 2. Even though some days we want to be with our husbands I couldn’t put them through the grief we are feeling. Please take care if you want to talk please message me xx

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Oh please don’t think that way. Remember how bad my mum was when dad died then 11 months later my brother. I told her, your life not ended mum it’s just taking a different direction than you thought. You have so much to live for and it would be the last thing your hubby wanted. Make him proud, show him you can do this x

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I identify with your thoughts and feelings so well. The shock of my partners sudden death at a healthy 69 never leaves me. We didn’t have children and like you I struggle to carry on.
Wishing you well at this horrible time and hoping your children will help you to carry on . Take care Jx