Wishes and dreams

I wish non of us were on this site. I wish we could all wake up from this bad dream. I find my Hart is breaking all over agen the pain sometimes can be unbearably more so since I reached out to someone who I thought would be there for me only to find out I was rong. So very rong there atatud was arful it tuck so mutch for me to reach out to this family member for there saported and help only to get nocked back by them I put my trust in the rong person. I no now I have to go through this myself I have this site to tern to and the people on here I am so grateful for you all wishes and love to you all cj x


Unfortunately disappointment s happen. I also had people that disappeared from my life. I think some people have too much happening to their lives, sometimes because they don’t know how to react and sometimes it is because they actually don’t care. Whatever their reason it hurts.
Regarding a friend that wasn’t there for me I decided to make contact again. Why? I am not sure - I think that I want to say my goodbye the way I want. So 1st I left a phone message saying hi and would love to meet them - but there was no response, then I sent a text message and again 17 days later I had no response, now I am considering my next step, do I text again? Do I write and tell them how sad and abandoned I felt when the person that I thought it was my friend wasn’t there for me… I am not sure of my next step
The reality this is a lonely journey. Why don’t you try the audiobooks I am listening to? I find them comforting.
I go for a walk listening to them, have a good cry, if the weather is nice I go to places I used to go with Jack, I find a nice place to sit, look around, watch people, soak the sunshine or the greyness of the day and feel that Jack is there with me.

Sending a big hug
Sadie x


Hi. Sadie. You are so right. So many who were at my wife’s funeral promised to ‘keep in touch’. They haven’t! I have made new friends both here and elsewhere. People who understand and who I trust. If the old ones contacted me now after nearly two years I doubt I would reply. So much for sincerity! But to be fair, they may well not want to get involved in someone else’s grief. It may frighten them because death can remind them of their own mortality. It is of course a personal consideration, but after trying to contact them twice is it worth it? The feeling of rejection can be awful.
But it may be that something has happened to prevent them replying. Is it possible to make some enquiries?
Take care Sadie. Bless you. John.

Hi CJ i understand your pain you feel as if no one cares ,i dont want to burden my girls with how i some times cant move on or dont want to move on when im really down i take a walk over cemetery with my dog and sit and talk to my Ian and would love for someone to talk to.With Covid here i find when out walking people are in there own little bubble and cant be bothered to even look at me its good to put things down on here as every one goes through the same grief take care Sue x

Hi Jonathan
You are right - people disappear because they are frightened that the same can happen to them. Jack was healthy, fit, strong until he was very ill and in a space of 4 months he died. Life is fragile and they probably feel afraid that the same can happen to them
Why did I contact those friends twice ? I think because I want to have the chance to tell them how hurt and lonely I was And how much I needed love and support. But I know you are right - I don’t cope very well with rejection - thank you for your thoughts
Take care
Sadie x

I can totally understand this xx I too have been left feeling very hurt by a number of people , family included :disappointed:.

We went on holidays with one of my husbands family , socialised with them - now nothing ! So much for we’ll always be here for you

I am lucky enough to have a little group of friends who have been there for me over the last few months but it doesn’t stop the hurt !

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