Wishful thinking

So today I was walking my dog as usual when I spotted a guy walking towards me. My heart jumped, I was so sure it was my Mark! I waved, told my dog it was her dad, started walking faster. Then BANG, it wasn’t him, obviously it wasn’t, it couldn’t be. I turned off the path away from the man, I sat in the wet grass and broke my heart.
I can’t shake this feeling of stupidity and embarrassment. I can’t stop crying cos I so wanted it to be him, more than absolutely anything I wanted it to be him.
Am I going mad? Anyone else had this?


I must admit early on I kept on thinking I saw Keef. Sometimes just walking down the road and couldn’t understand why he didn’t come home. My autistic son also said he thought he’d seen his dad so I think this must be quite normal although it does make you breakdown when you realise it isn’t them. Take care Gail xx


Just once this week actually I thought I saw him walking away I the distance x

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I swore I saw mine in the supermarket just before Christmas. My heart almost stopped. For that split second you really think it is them. :anguished:


Hi @Haggis
It has been 7.5 months since my husband passed. I had a Christmas and new year on my own without him the 1st one on my own it was not easy.
But on the 1st Jan 2024 i had a dream and he was in it. I have never dreamed of him in all the time he has been away. It was so real i woke up thinking he was still here then realising that he wasn’t.
Dont know what to make of that except maybe he is still around and looking after me in the dream he was saying not to worry.
Lynne x

Thats a loveley dream and a sign hes with you im 9 month in but feel my partner is so close especially on Christmas day xxx