without my mum😞

Hi all I haven’t posted for a while, feeling a bit shit with mother’s day coming up its the first one without my mum :disappointed: and my own children don’t talk to me anymore and call ther stepmum mum which hurts its just sad seeing ppl with ther mums and kids :broken_heart:

You must feel terrible
I too have very recently lost my beloved Mum, and there are many ‘close’ relatives, but ‘step’ ones too.
Mothering Sunday’s going to be a special challenge this year.

Sorry for yr loss ,and yes mothers day is gonna b hard as ot is for u 2 pp😞

Hi, this is my first mother’s day without my mum too​:pleading_face: it just all feels so wrong… Thinking of you :heart:

Hi Kittykat I was so so saddened to learn not only have you the loss of your mother to deal with but also the loss of your children talking to you. How sad for you and mothers day will have a profound effect on you this year. All I can say is be kind to yourself for no matter what has gone wrong in your own life you don’t deserve all this pain because that is what grief is pure pain. I lost my Mum too and must face the first Mother’s Day without her. I will keep her close by talking to her all day and doing things she would have wanted me to do i.e. cook myself a meal nurture myself be kind to myself and try to be happy for having had her in my life instead of missing her though that’s a tall order I know. Life sure isn’t fair and some seem to have more than their fair share of sadness and my heart goes out to you so sending you warmth comfort and hugs in these awful weeks leading up to mothers day :hugs::hugs:

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So sorry for your loss,in the same boat as you,it will be the fourth Mothers day for me,and fourth Birthday without my Mum,also lost my Dad 2 years ago. I miss them both so much,i am just not the same person anymore,so much has changed,but luckily i have this site thank god. My thoughts are with you,just try to get through each day at a time,Lucy,xxx

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I understand all too well, as my Mum died unexpectedly, just before Christmas.

So sorry for your loss and everyone’s here.

I lost my Mum in December so my first Mother’s Day is coming up too. I’m still going to buy her a card and get her some flowers.

Wishing you strength.

Already have a plaque to give to my Dad, to place by the urn with her ashes in.

Try and celebrate your mum life in your own way
Maybe buy her favourite flowers or chocolates
Or do things that she enjoyed
It might put a smile on your face and bring back some wonderful memories you had with her
No one can take them away from you
Sending my love

Thank u for yr kind words ,and sorry for u loss

On my first Mothering Sunday without my Mum, I posted in a local Facebook page, that though I was unable to wish my own Mum Happy Mothering Sunday, the other mothers in New Addington were appreciated and venerated.
I had 130 likes and a many comments. It was what my Mum would have wanted, and she’d have been proud, I hope.

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