Working and grieving

Mum died a month ago, it was traumatic, I didn’t realize I had been looking after her for a whole year! After she had her heart attack I took on looking after all her medical stuff whilst working full time and raising kids. My routine became go to work, finish work and ring mum to check on her and then go home and be mum. Then mum fell in the hospital 2 weeks before she died and broke both hips, I spent every day at the hospital with her from morning until night. Then she passed, we still don’t know why, even after a post mortem. Her funeral was last week and I went back to work on Tuesday as I’ve had so much time off to look after mum I didn’t want to take the mick! They have been so supportive and I’m on light duties to transition back. But because I throw myself into work, I forget and then when I finish work I think to myself I need to ring mum and check on her and then it hits like a ton of bricks!! Tonight I had my daughter’s options evening to choose subjects for her gcses and after I couldn’t wait to ring mum until her that her granddaughter wants to be a photographer and then it hit me! I hate this, I want my life back, I want my mum back :sob:


Hi @Lilyrose I am very sorry for the grief you’re experiencing. It’s so hard to lose our Mums. Perhaps you should give yourself some time to process everything that’s happened to you. If you don’t do that now, it could make it a harder experience and it’s a brutal journey as it is. Surely your employer would be compassionate? Taking care of yourself is vital as grief steals all your energy and motivation. I’m over a year on in the experience, after losing my Mum in January 23. It’s a long harsh time, adapting to the absence and creating a new way of living without your Mum. Sending you best wishes, take care xx

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So sorry to hear this, i feel exactly the same. Trying to carry on xx

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Totally relate, the other week I left my friends house and instinctively pulled out my phone to ring my Dad who’d passed away to tell him i’ll be home soon :confused: Take each day as it comes and go easy on yourself x