Worn out

I hope you will forgive me for not catching up and replying tonight but as my title says, I’m exhausted this evening.
We have had two full on weekends sorting through belongings at the house of a close friend who died in October 2021. The solicitor has finally allowed us to go in and start to sort out items which could be sold to raise money for the charities who are the beneficiaries.

The other reason is that we have had a lovely service of remembrance in our church late this afternoon for all those we have lost over the last three years. The names of all those who have had services held there were read out along with anyone else who their loved ones wished to be remembered. We lit candles as the names were read out with lovely background music.

The support from our lovely community was palpable with one lady leaving her husband to come and sit with me and hold my hand. Many hugs from villagers who were so shocked when Richard died and commented that I was brave to go to the service. Considering they were all there to remember someone I thought that such a generous attitude and shows how much we can all support each other. That made it an uplifting experience but I now feel drained and exhausted.

Hugs to all of you and imagine that I’m now sitting with you and holding your hand if needed as we pass on the love. Let’s all look out for each other.
Karen xxx


Thank you @KarenF your community sounds wonderful and so supportive . What a lovely way to remember those recently lost os. I also wanted to say that I always read your posts, they bring me comfort and hope that there is a future and we can find purpose in our new lives as you have shown. I am still at the early stages only 9 weeks for me since my darling man passed, but I am determined I’ll get there, and hope to be as strong as you. Thank you for showing me the way xxx


That is lovely .given me a real good feeling as i,m feeling lost after my gorgeous fantastic wife sue passed away on the first of February this year. Thank you it means so much to me that even though you dont know me your reaching out x


@KarenF Thank you for posting your experience. Like @sandi and @Martyn2 I found this gave me comfort and hope. You have a great little community and what a fantastic idea from your church, it is an example to all of us, religious or not. The emotion must have been so deeply felt no wonder you feel worn out, but it will be one of feeling supported and loved, one we would all cherish. Sleep well. Hugs xx


Thank you @sandi @Martyn2 & @Mike75

One of the pieces read out was written by someone who had lost their father. It is anonymous so I can’t tell you more than that but here it is. Some of you may like it.

Some of us are blessed with long lives. Some not.
But we can all have long days.
A long day is a day full of meaning, a day spent doing good, spreading happiness and fulfilling a purpose.

A day of giving and loving, learning and teaching,
building spirits and lifting souls - that is a long day.
Some achieve in a short lifetime what others never get around to doing. The difference is not how you spend your life but how you spend your day. We don’t choose how many days we live, but we can choose how we live our days.

The length of our days is not measured in hours on the clock, but in the beauty of our heart; not in minutes but in good deeds.
When we suffer the loss of a loved one, we become more sharply aware of how precious just one day can be.
A wasted day is an eternity lost.
A day well spent can have an eternal impact.
Yes, there’s always tomorrow, but there’s only one today.
Don’t wait for tomorrow. Time is short.
Make today a long day.

I for one would like to take that lesson on board if I can.
Love to you all.
Karen xxx


such powerful words we can all learn from , thank you for sharing @KarenF


You were so brave dear friend … big hugs to you. … how wonderful and kind people can be… Richard would be so proud of you xx


I could agree more @sandi@KarenF gives me inspiration and hope since losing my darling man just before Christmas…. None of use had a choice as to what happened for me very sudden and unexpected with no warning , but ido think I have a choice as to how I navigate my way through to a new reality…@karenfhas helped me so much …big hugs x


That is so beautiful @KarenF … likewise I want to aspire to those words x


@MinnieImber you have given me equally special support dear friend, thank you. :heart:


We help one another to find a way to a new reality … there for you