Worst night yet

Once again no sleep for me. This is probably the worst night I have had. Not just my knees but my hips and heels have joined in in the act. Pain killers seem to have very limited effect. Now 04:30 and sitting in chair. I will try going back to bed with little hope of sleep.

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Hope you mamaged to get back to sleep.
Although i think now sleep is a thing of the past since our loved ones passed. If i manage a couple of hours per night i class as bonus as usually it is only a few hours.
For yourself even harder if you have other health conditions.
The days seem longer now as up early in the morning just wish i could get motivated to start the day.
Hope you have a good day Take care Lynne

I think I got an hour. I am soooo tired. Like you I get very little sleep. I have a headache from being exhausted. I have a physio assessment later today for my walking ability. I have to be up at 07:30 for my carers.they come to make sure I don’t slip in the shower. Had to get them in when my husband went into hospital. I may try and get some sleep this afternoon if I don’t fall asleep in the chair.

Can you get stronger pain killers from the GP?

Don’t really want to go down that route yet if possible. Even without the pain I doubt I would sleep. Trying to lose weight not very successfully as at my weight they won’t consider me for joint replacement. I would really like some sleeping pills but due to sleep apnoea I am not allowed them. Physio assessment for my walking later today. Also started doing a little exercise for my knees and hips to try and help with mobility and strength. Only a couple of minutes at present. Planning to gradually build up. It has helped before. When my husband was around I got lazy but as I am having to do more my joints complain. Xx. Sandra.

So sorry Sandra, very disappointing after a better night’s sleep the previous night. Do you think it’s worth speaking to your GP, not necessary for pills but generally about your health.
Hope you can have a decent day and some sleep later. Sending hugs x

I think generally for me my health is ok. I check my blood pressure and that is good. My digestion appears to have settled now I am eating better it’s just the lack of sleep. I spoke to them about that and basically they have said I will just have to wait for it to normalise. See what the physio says today about my knees but I think the exercise I am now doing will help. I take vitamins and vitamin d to counteract the fact I don’t go out.

Physio just been. Of course I am in floods of tears when she arrives. Having a generally bad day. She says exercises I am doing are the right ones and the right thing to do. Going to send someone up with a rollator with a seat to check I can be confident with it. Then at least I can get to the neighbours for coffee or even to the post box to post a letter. Now time for lunch xx. Sandra

Well, that’s encouraging Sandra. Hope it’s cheered you up a little. Going out for some fresh air should help if you can ultimately manage a rollator with a seat. Fingers crossed for that. I shall now get my lunch and then attack the ironing. xx

I don’t do ironing. Everything gets washed and put on.

I still iron although not so much now

I still miss ironing my husband’s things.

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Me too currently ironing shirts that i want to be made into a memory quilt

What a great idea, I may copy you.

At least i will have something of him clise by at night or in the living room when watching tv.
Take care