Writing poems to help me cope

My daughter died 18 weeks ago having her third liver transplant. I am finding it difficult to process my emotions. I have taken to writing some poetry to help me
find out outlet for my feelings

Who knows

Do I know how I feel?
Who knows?
Is this normal?
Who knows?
Painted on expression.

Is the emptiness usual?
Who knows?
Will it last?
Who knows?
Same trite words.

Will there be happiness again?
Who knows?
Will I welcome it?
Who knows?
Same dulled feelings.

Do I hope again?
Who knows?
Will I hurt again?
I’m sure.
This is life.

Talking to myself.

Looking back is so much easier,

The future, well what hope does that offer?

Will it bring some sort of peace?

Or just more of this pain?

People say, “don’t rush it,” it takes time.

Talk to someone, get support

All meant to be helpful words.

Talk to who, it is not easy.

I’ve always just relied on myself,

I need to be strong.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever faced;

I want her back.

Oh, I just want her back.

Tears that I try to hold back.

If I start, would I ever be able to stop?

Can’t let go,

I need to be strong

Oh, it hurts.

Our daily chats are one sided now

But they help; her voice is in my head,

She is by my side,

I just want her back.

When you look at your child

Do you see a part of yourself?

The better part,

A more confident part

A wiser part.

Do you see your own insecurities?

Your own doubts?

Your own worries?

Perhaps it’s neither.

They are themselves

Like butterflies bursting from a chrysalis.

As a parent

They are only loaned to you,

You have to let go.

Let them fly.


Well done very moving

These are lovely.i hope this gives you comfort. Im so sorry for your loss .keep writing these beautiful words

thank you. i have been writing a lot. some are quite dark, but they reflect how i feel most of the time. my son in law has started writing too - his poems move me to tears; he is so lost.

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Dark or not dark. They are feelings .they need to be let out. I need to figure out …how to get my feelings out .its early days for me .lost my dad only last week …you keep writing :writing_hand: bc your words are lovely

so sorry for your loss. feelings are so hard to deal with.

Yes feelings are very hard to deal with .one minute you are ok .the next you are not .loosing someone has to be one of the most difficult thing you can go through. No matter who they were