WTF have you done to the site

What have you done to the site, you can’t send photos anymore, when you are trying to answer someone you can’t see their post as the heading covers it up, beginning a new thread is not as simple as it was as no instructions for new members. Been totally arsed up please put it back to how it was :crossed_fingers:t3:


I agree, it’s so confusing , it was fine before .

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Hi Sheila, I just wish they would leave it as it was. I know it’s free and we are all very grateful for it but if fewer people are using it because it has become increasingly frustrating for them then it defeats the purpose doesn’t it.
I hope you are well and your wee grandchild is keeping you going under these strangest of times.
V x

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Hi @MrsColt, I’m sorry that you are having problems with the site - do you mean just in the last day or so? We haven’t made any changes recently but there could be some technical errors. Some things are looking a bit odd for me this morning too, so I’m just going to do a bit of testing and speak to our technical team.

What device are you using ? For example, a computer, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet?

As a more general point, we do have a help section with instructions on using the site here: There is also a pinned post that always shows up at the top of the homepage for new users, which directs them to the help section.

It may be free as many social media sites are, but it’s business for Sue Ryder, with many donations springing from those who use it. I don’t feel I have to be ‘thankful’ to staff either, I appreciate them, but sometimes suggestions fall on deaf ears.

It started yesterday Priscilla and as I stated already you can’t send photos, the header comes down and covers the post you are trying to reply to so you have to keep minimising the reply box to check the post you are answering. Its not just me as others I talk to are saying the same. I use phone, tablet and PC and it’s the same on them all. It is the same this morning :angry: have a check and try and send a photo you will see what’s going on. Hopefully you can sort it out because as another member said on the thread she has been using it less and less due to the changes and that’s not good.

@MrsColt Yes, there definitely appear to be a few glitches suddenly - I’m really sorry about that. I’m talking to our technical team now.

Can you tell me exactly what is happening when you try to upload a photo? For example, are you able to select a photo from your computer but it won’t upload, or it appears to have uploaded but then nothing shows when you publish the post?

When you press the pink box to upload photos all you get is a blank screen and ’ hide preview’ it doesn’t take you to files or give you the opportunity to upload anything!

And that’s on all your devices? I’ve managed to post a photo myself, although it was quite slow to upload, so I’m just trying to pin down the exact circumstances when this happens, which will help us get it fixed.

I’ve reported the other issues, so hopefully we’ll get it all fixed shortly.

Yep on all devices as I tried it. Stephtim has also had a go and it’s exactly the same on hers and xxx is having the same issues so it’s not just me. We are not even getting options coming up directing us to upload photos. Fingers crossed it gets sorted as it is very frustrating and off putting, thanks for your help anyway Priscilla and hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.

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Yes same here too.

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It’s happening on all my devices, exactly the same as mrscolt, it started yesterday it’s very frustrating ,
Hopefully it will be sorted .

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@MrsColt @Stephtim @Jooles45 Thanks very much for the info everyone - we’re working on it!

I cannot get the latest or posts I am on I Pad
I can usually click on the three lines on the top of the page.
Not working .

I’m on iPhone, checked IPad too and it opens list for me. Wonder why it’s ok for some and not others :thinking:

No problem Shiela. When I had counselling through Sue Ryder, I recognised that they and staff are paid by setting up a direct debit for a full year in appreciation. They asked for our support financially earlier this year, there is no doubt that the demand has increased as it has with many support services.

I don’t know some work some don’t.
Thankyou for replying.

Aw Sheila I know, its a nightmare nothing has been fixed at all it is still the same :rage: x

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