WTF have you done to the site


Just so sad reading your last message. Can only send my heartfelt thanks for your friendship on this forum, especially in my beginning when I had completely lost my way. Sometimes I felt that you had your hand in mine. You helped me to realise that I would find a way to peace, somehow, someday.

So I wish you peace too…especially in the next couple of weeks. Peter will be watching, be sure of that. Kindest wishes, :rainbow: xxx

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Aw Sheila I am sorry to hear that, I know myself and others loved hearing about your tales from the 60s and I am so mad that due to technical issues it has come to this :slightly_frowning_face:
Please look after yourself and hopefully we see you again at some point. You will be missed :kissing_heart: x

Morning I have also decided to leave cannot get the latest post up clicking on the three lines at the top right hand of the page I am on an I Pad, I thought it would be sorted by now
Where are the technical team.
Nothing’ we can do it is there end.
Good Luck to Everybody and a better 2021 we hope.xx

I’m sorry to see people leaving because of the unfixed technical issues. Where are you Priscilla and admin? There are some in need of support here. Personally, my devices are Android and appear to be working ok. Some have said that the icon to post pictures is missing. Mine is here…

My icon is missing on the top, but if I press the gap in between the bottom reply button and the pink button on the right then I can send photos . x

That’s interesting Steph. Gremlins I think. :thinking:

I know it doesn’t make sense, :roll_eyes::joy: x

Here’s me trying by pressing on the blank space as suggested and the screenshot shows the icon is missing, using iPad/phone

It’s worked for you by pressing the blank space -
Which was only found by chance as there’s nothing there :roll_eyes: strange that the icon is missing for some and not for others :thinking:

Surely an easy fix for IT., such a shame no advice forthcoming :confused:

We were promised days ago it would be looked into but nothing so far. All the right side posts are cut off and the header is still covering private messages as I reported ages ago :angry: when it’s causing folk to leave then it’s not on.

Hi all, I’m so sorry that this hasn’t been fixed yet - the solution we were looking at last week turned out not to be an option, so I’m just waiting to hear about the technical team’s availability for this week.

The cause of the problems has been an update that was made by our hosting provider, so I am also setting up a solution so that we have advance warning of future updates and can prevent anything similar from happening in the future.

With regard to the photo uploads - the site does display slightly differently on different devices, to fit everything effectively to screen size. The screenshot @Crazy_Kate has posted is how it should look on computers and larger tablets. The screenshot @samella has posted is where the button should be on smartphones and some small tablets - except in her case the button is there but invisible due to the current problems.

NO Sheila, I cannot accept you leaving this forum. You was here nearly two years ago when I first came on and I could so relate to your stories of your past and happy life with Peter. You have always been one member whose name I have enjoyed seeing appear. When you have a rest i am wondering where you are and if you are well.
Too many much respected members leaving of late and we can not afford to lose their expertise and helpful posts.
PLEASE reconsider your decision.

I can understand where you are coming from though. I’m not having any problems that I can’t cope with at present but I would feel like giving up if it was so difficult and I don’t want to send photo’s so this isn’t a problem for me.

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Hi everyone, just to let you know, we’ve made progress on this and I think all of the issues you’ve mentioned are now fixed, other than the problem with the compose box taking up the whole screen on iPads. We’re still working on that one.

I’m really sorry for all the problems, and hopefully the site is much more useable now.

Yay, it’s now visible at the bottom :clap::clap::clap:

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I’m not sure what’s happening. But I can only see half my page. Anc when I access the conversation it zooms to Botti of the website.

It’s even worse than before

Thought I would check in although I said I would not ,nothing changed still cannot tap on the three lines top right hand corner that took me to the latest.
Still not corrected so frustrating.

Me too Jooles, it fly’s right down to the bottom and you have to scroll upwards to see new posts :roll_eyes: and it’s still cut off down right side :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same here it’s worse :weary: