I’ve just had an invitation to join my Grandson and his family for Xmas. How do I tell him I’m just trying to get through today never mind thinking of my first Xmas alone? He means so well and is trying so hard but I really don’t think he has grasped the depth of my loss and grief. I don’t know what to say.


got another 6 months you may feel a bit different by then, play it by ear. we never bothered with xmas in as much as seeing anyone or having anyone round, we were happy with just me, hubby and son, who lives here, did what we wnated and when, like any other day really. had my first xmas last yr without him and although it felt strange just me and son we got through it ok.
just tell him you will let him know i am sure he will understand


Just be honest and say exactly what you said here. He won’t know how you feel until you tell him.
Christmas is so far away.


thank you all. had a wee chat with him and he totally understands. I’m genuinely blessed with wonderful human beings as Grandchildren.