Year from Hell😥

Omg cant take much more
Everything going wrong this year
Just when you try pick yourself back up after struggling bang something else happens your knocked back down
My dad died absolutely devastated baterly knew him long story came cane ruined everything
Mum in law died
Exhusband move back in not really supportive
Lost my job
Carer to daughter she struggling bad depession anxiety
Now I’ve just found out my Aunty from my dads side just passed away
Not allowed say goodbye
Not just because didn’t really know her
But numbers limited so family going
Just feel again like your kinda been shut out
This year just been hell
Think go walk along canal calm myself either that feel like just want to scream/cry


It sounds like a hellish year indeed. 2020 can go suck it in my opinion if I may say so.

I hope your walk let you breathe and cry Sandra, that’s a lot to cope with (cope is a stupid word, how to cope with that, I know I am not coping so don’t expect you to but I don’t seem very good at thinking of the right word any more).

It’s truly crap, I can’t say anything but that and that we are here if you feel like offloading. Sometimes it helps me (as you can tell by the massive spam i release on the poor people here regularly). get it off your chest. Take care x

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Yeah it is truly crap your right
And don’t know how other people are coping
Just when you try pick yourself up bang something else happens your dragged back dow.n
And no not feeling great back in my bed again
Best place to be
Cant handle everything going wrong
Too f…much
Went walk with my daughter just went to the shops well not that much shop open we’re in level 4
Don’t like leave her long I’m her carer she not great just now
Now my Aunty not doing great she got septicaemia blood poisoning
She just got worse after her stroke few years ago
They said they do all they can.
& my dads sister only 1 could give me answers about my dad who he was
She died few days ago
Cant say goodbye as not invited to funeral
Max 20 people
Dads family going naturally

I’m also in bed. its all I look forward to now, the sweet oblivion of sleep if I can get it.

I honestly don’t know what to say. That is more problems than I could handle. I think you need help from someone, I just don’t know who or where to start but there are clever people on here who think clearer than me who I hope will offer good advice.

Of course you can’t handle that overwhelming amount of stuff, I don’t think anyone could. You’ve done the right thing coming here.

Regarding your dad’s funeral, do you have any way if asking if they could live stream it so you could watch online. Or if the minister could send you the written paper of what he will say… I think if you can hear what is said about your dad at least you could learn some things about him that way since a funeral lists the essence of that person’s life.

Is there someone who could ask for that on your behalf or was your auntie the only one who could have?

If not if you have a way to find out which funeral director, Crematorium or something that could be a way to request this. Just an idea, quite possibly useless but just in case…

My husband’s funeral was livestreamed, it took some pushing but cost under a hundred quid and I could also watch it again later as I downloaded it. It could be something that would comfort you a bit to learn some more about your dad is all I’m thinking since you miss out on the funeral and everywhere should be able to do it now during these covid times… I’ll find the name of the company and post it here later.

Hi Sandra
You are going through soo much,it must be soo overwhelming for you,thats how I feel about this year and my dad passing which just all became too much,I try and distract myself and just try to take it day by here if you just need someone to talk to or just to listen.x

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Thankyou my dad died early feb didn’t find out until March then dam virus made everything worse
And mum in law passed away then husband move back in
He does pay mortgage etc I am grateful but other than that no support
I’m grateful got my son daughter I’m carer to them both so need watch how much I’m telling them
As daughter not great mental health etc
Now find out today that my auntie died
Wish could have got to know her
Anyway cant say goodbye don’t think I’m welcome besises only so many going to funeral family
Sometimes feel shut out

  • lost my job so no routine. O thing to get up for in morning
    Now mum said my Aunty not doing great she’s got blood poisoning she not been right since her stroke
    They do all they can
    But won’t revive if anything happens as she be worse than what she is now

You have alot going on,it must be soo hard for daughter keeps me going she is only 3 and surprising is aware of alot and i am soo blessed to have her , don’t think I could have coped without her. i get really anxious and overwhelmed by things ever since my dad died in april but hopefully with time it will get easier and I hope that for you too Sandra xx

Hope things get better for you too


Thankyou for your kind words as always
Yes I’ve trued counselling only problem with that is just when you start to open up before you know it sessions finished you don’t get much with cruise
But they were going
At time just didn’t know which bereavement to focus talk about
As I’ve had a few this year.
I don’t talk much especially to family about my dad
Cant Dont feel can talk to husband about mum in law if me my daughter say anything it’s just the admosphere
So we don’t speak about her
I talk to my daughter and try to get her to open up as she not great mental health bad again we’ve been touch with gp she get re ref to mental health team
I just went bed early listen music cried

Anyway hope your ok

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