Year from hell

Not really sure where to start! From the beging i suppose! September 2010 we lost a lovely and important man in our lives he was my husbands best mate. He died in very strange situation which alot of people will never understand and as respect for him i will not go there. After that in November i lost my mum my beutiful mum she died at home in the house i grew up in and so did my beautiful girls who were 6 and 3. After that in the March i lost a very very dear friend nick who was also my nephews best freind since primary school he decided enough was enough and he hung himself he was 17 years old we burried him on his 18th brithday. And just when you think things could never get any worse new years eve/new years day a good freind got murded theres no other words to say he lost his life to some pissed up person who thought for one second it would be fine to kick someone in the head when he was lying on the floor and this person could not defend himself due to him having a disability. So in are year i lost so many dear people that alot would never experience in a life time. Please tell me how one person can cope and live with this because this girl is stuggling and trying so dam hard to keep it all together 7 years later.

Hi Kelsey,

I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your mum, as well as three good friends - 2010 really was an awful year for you. There is no set timeline on grief, and it is not unusual to still be affected some years on. However, one thing that does tend to make grief worse or last longer is not being able to talk about what you are feeling - sometimes people bottle things up or don’t have any support.

Do you think that you’ve had any outlet for your grief? That might be talking about it with someone close to you, such as your husband, going to a bereavement support group, or a counsellor. Writing things down here can also be really helpful, so I’m glad that you’ve found this site and been brave enough to make your first post.

There are lots of supportive people here who are dealing with grief, whether recently or a number of years on. You should get more replies to your post soon, but in the meantime, you may also wish to read and reply to some posts from people in similar situations, for example:

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