Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday I felt okay I smiled when I thought of you.
I remembered happy times and the funny things you’d do.
But today I feel so very sad, I think of you and cry.
I’m missing you so very much and still asking God why?
I don’t know what will happen when I face another day.
What will tomorrow bring, will I cry or be okay?
This roller coaster of emotions is the worst ride of my life.
Nothing can prepare you for the never ending strife.
I may not handle my emotions the way that I should do.
But I still thank the Lord for the time I had with you.


40 years ago tomorrow we got engaged. 39 years on Saturday we got married. Cannot bear my husband is no longer by my side. There will be no card on Saturday, no secret love message - just a void, a pain and heartbreak. I have tried to look at our wedding photos but not managed it.

Did the car insurance today and they insisted I had to be defined as ‘widow’. In my eyes I will remain married to my husband forever. Will never get the answer to my question as to why he had to be taken when we had so much to look forward to, so many plans. When we got married we had no money just each other. Through unemployment we lost quite a bit of what we had worked hard for but we were happy in each others arms, we loved each other and that was all that mattered. Now that has been taken from me.

Totally devastated.

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Ever since you went away the days go slowly by,
And the hardest thing to cope with is never knowing why.
That I don’t understand and maybe never will.
Questions left unanswered, now your voice is still.
To lose you was unbearable, and time and time again
I’ve tried to look for reasons that no one can explain.
Life and death hold mysteries, but one thing is for sure,
I loved you then, I love you now and will forever more.

With hugs and love.


A beautiful verse, thank you for posting.

Thank you for reading it. Glad you liked it.


Just joined and exploring this site. What jbeautiful words. Thank you xx

@sad2 thank you for posting your poems