'You are Missing From Me'

I would like to share this with everyone. It was read at Peter’s funeral and the words describe exactly how I feel.
The French don’t say, ‘I miss you’, they say…
Tu me manques…‘You are missing from me’.
You are missing.
I feel your absence as though it were a vital part of my body that’s gone. A part of my body that I need very much but for some reason, I continue to live on.
You are a vital part of my soul, so I suppose that makes perfect sense.
They say that grief is simply the love you felt for that person, roaring around in pain, inside your body, with nowhere to go.
I have so much of that for you.
I have so much of it I could open the windows and let that roar encompass the world.
Tu me manques…
You, are missing from me.

Love xxxx


So apt - hits the nail on the head :broken_heart:

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That’s beautiful, thank you