You will never be forgotten

I miss you so much it hurts all the time. It will be 8months next week since I lost you and had my heart broken. I had never had a broken heart until I lost you. I’m so empty and everything feels so empty withoutyou. I know you are gone, but it still hits me everyday,countless times a day that I can’t see you, hold you,kiss you,have a 2 sided conversation with you,because I still talk to you throughout the day and night. I miss you talking to me, I miss everything about you, your presence just filled a room and just being with you made me smile and feel warm inside and alive and safe and that I had finally found my home with you, that’s where I belong and where I long to be. Days go by so slowly, yet time moves so fast its crazy, it’s hard to believe it’s nearly 8months. I don’t know how I have got this far. I’m just muddling through each day. I love you pauline and I always will. You gave me the best gift in life you and your love and for that I will always be grateful. The happiest years of my life were with you. Sometimes I think of you and something you did or said and it makes smile,it still hurts and I think it always will. But when I look at a picture of you smiling I can’t help but smile. I haven’t cried for 2 weeks now and I don’t know why. I feel like I want to cry,but the tears won’t flow. Before that I was crying everyday and crying myself to sleep. My heart and my soul and all of me is yours forever. You are never out of my thoughts. You touched my life in such a wonderful and beautiful way and made it worth living. To love and be in love is such a wonderful glorious beautiful thing and to have found your soulmate it’s amazing. But to lose our soulmates and loves of our lifes it’s so devastating and heartbreaking and leaves us feeling so empty, our hearts have been ripped out. But somehow we have to keep going for those we love and those we love and have lost. For as long as we are alive, our lost loved ones live within us and will never be forgotten. I’m proud to have been your life partner and I’m proud of you for all that you achieved and overcame in life. You be at peace baby,fly high and soar my beautiful angel I love you xxxxx


Beautiful x


Such beautiful words Casey. It never goes away does it? Xxxx

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@Keskai thankyou x

@Angiejo2 hello angiejo thank you for your kind words. And no it never does go away. The heartbreak is always there. How are you doing? I hope you get some moments of peace. I find the only time I get that is when I sleep, apart from the nights where I have bad dreams. Take care sending love and hugs x


Hello Casey , that is so beautiful . Makes you wonder how we have the strength to carry on but somehow we do . Only sleep takes the pain away . Take good care . Love Angie x