Younger sister

My little sister passed away suddenly 8weeks ago at 33. She is my only sister and was more like my best friend. She left behind 2 beautiful children (ages 4 and 18months) as well as my children who adored her. I really miss her so much and I can’t stop myself from crying over silly things. My daughter (age 6) has started having nightmares. I’m not sure what to do. The tighter restrictions now mean that we can’t even visit my family making it so much harder as I live 80 miles away from them.

Dear Flaura,
It must me so difficult for you to have suddenly lost your only sister. I have 3 sisters and know how close that bond can be. I can understand that you cry over silly things. I cried over silly things when my parents died. Grief comes with so many different emotions, and it is something no else can go through for us, all they can do is support us and be there for us. It is good that you have come to this site, where you will find posts from others who have lost loved ones, share there stories and are there to seek and offer support.
You mention your daughter having nightmares. Do you think they are related to your sister’s death? Could she be worried that the same thing could happen to you? I have looked through the Sue Ryder site and found an article about how to support children through bereavement. You may find some helpful advice in there:

Take care of yourself.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes it’s related to her death. They were very close. I will take a look at the link. We still talk about her all the time which is good but I know she worries about me a lot. She’s very mature and caring. We are hoping to move closer to my family next year so we will be with my parents and my brother in law and the children, so hopefully that will help. Thank you again it means a lot x

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