Your birthday

My darling Marcial, today would have been your 65th birthday, rest in peace my love, its only been 8 weeks since you left and I miss you every day and always will. My heart is broken :broken_heart:


Aw Margarita. Anniversaries are always so hard. Thinking of you. It will soon be 2yeats since Ron died and I know it will hurt just as much as the first but the grief becomes a little less raw. Xx

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Thank you for your kind words, yes it’s very hard. I only get to sleep about 4am, then spend most of day sleeping, awful cycle I know but that’s the way it is at the moment. On Friday it’s our wedding anniversary it would have been 38 years. I am trying just to get through this terrible grief. I’m sorry for your loss too xx

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Hi Margarita,

I am so sorry that this was the first birthday where Marcial wasn’t here. How sad. I hope you managed to get through the day ok.

It is sad to read that your sleep pattern is so disrupted. Going to bed that late and then spending most of the day sleeping isn’t good for your health. I have been there before. Have you spoken to your GP about this? If not, it might be a good idea, so that you can try and get some normality to the time you get to sleep.

All the best.

Abdullah, thanks for your kind words, as you are as well I imagine, struggling with grief, it’s very difficult to live a normal life right now. I also had a tough day yesterday when it would have been our 38th anniversary. But my kids and grandaughter come over and so it wasn’t too sad a day. We talk and reminisce about things, which is comforting. Im very sorry for your loss too. Just taking a day at a time. Take care

That’s really great that your kids and granddaughter came, not only because they can give you emotional support, but also because they are a legacy of your husband, and so it must be great to see them.

It is a very good idea to take things a day at a time. Hopefully your sleep pattern will soon improve. If it doesn’t, then please do speak to your GP, your Marcial would have wanted you to look after your health and a messed up sleep pattern can be detrimental to our health, but as it is still very early days yet I wouldn’t worry too much about your sleep pattern but if a month later you’re still going to bed so late, then please do seek medical advice so you can get a more normal routine.

Thanks Abdullah, you really have an understanding of how I and others are feeling on here, take care

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