Your new Online Community is here!

All of our updates and new features are now live! Here are some of the new features that we’ve launched:

  • Include emojis, pictures, bold text and more formatting in your posts :+1:
  • In-site notifications to make it easier to see when someone’s replied to you without checking your email
  • See which threads you have already read, and jump back to where your last-read post in a thread
  • Find your own old posts more easily
  • Save draft posts, so you don’t lose what you are writing
  • Tag other users to invite them to join a conversation
  • Improved search

I hope that you find the changes helpful and that they make it easier for you all to give and get support. You can find lots of instructions for using the new version of the site in our brand new help section.

If you need any more help, or you have any feedback on the new site, please get in touch with me at
We’ve tested the site with some of you before launch, in order to try to make sure it’s as useful and straightforward as possible. However, we’ll keep working on the site to fine tune the improvements and sort out any problems, so your comments are really important to us.

If anyone has been having trouble logging in on the new site, there was an issue which was briefly affecting people’s passwords, but this should be fixed now.

If you still can’t log in, please try resetting your password, or contact