Hi it’s last year I lost my Pete & since I last posted on here & I just wanted to try give a little bit of hope to anybody going through the loss & grief Iv experienced my Pete passed suddenly & with only a short warning & I felt completely devastated for what seemed like forever to me & the words of omg it’s no time at all it,l take years for you to be ok from people who actually don’t know as thyv not lost anybody, well meaning I suppose, so like I say with the help from my large brilliant family & wonderful friends & some counselling I can now see a flicker at the end of a very dark tunnel I still have really really dark days we’re I cry but I drag myself up & out & try to get on with the life that I have been given now without my Pete he was 10 years younger thn me & 17yrs together happy years but I have to try & be the best me in a horrendous situation I feel him with me still & thr are signs all the time which I believe he sends me I will love & miss him forever but Iv got to carry on for the people who are helping me through it all & believe I can get through this & I no he just absolutely wouldn’t want me to shut myself away & cry we wernt thm people we loved life so I try & do this for him us both just got to fight through it sending love & hugs & support xx❤️

Thank you for your positive words. My husband died suddenly 3 months ago and I still don’t know why. Each day seems harder and I just wish I could have a two way conversation with him and hold his hand. I have good friends and family around but with my future shattered I am finding it hard.

Aw Zico. 2 yrs and 9 months for me now. Like you say, you get stronger as time goes by but you still feel the setbacks and have dark dark days.
We hold onto memories but the intensity of them fades so they don’t hurt quite as much. I never realised that this journey could be such a struggle but I have seen myself getting stronger by the way in which I react to certain situations.
It does get easier but it never goes away.