Clearing out the house, continued....

Well today I wore myself out trying to clean the house. I thought I would never manage it on my own. Hoovering, floor cleaning where needed mopping, toilet cleaning and kitchen, bed changed and still to tidy. Then party food for grandsons. But they make me laugh. I forgot and ended up playing ball with them because what else? They watched the cup football match and I pretended to be interested. The drink got spilt as usual. But we had a laugh and out them to bed. So instead of being on my own four bedrooms and beds are being slept in.
Then tomorrow back to being all on my own. Flat. So I try to get back into single mode.


@Enorac - swapping from company mode to single mode is a real thing, isn’t it? I spend the vast majority of my time alone - so when I am with people it is always weird to go back to just me on my own. Sometimes, though, it is a relief to shut the door on the world and bathe in the stillness and the peace of the house. I don’t think I could live with anyone again, to be honest. Anyone else relate to any of this?

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Oh yes repeat performance of my own sons when they got to be teens so yes the specialness while it lasts especially the wasted precious years of pandemic when it had to be on line or always outside.