Loneliness after bereavement

It’s been six long weeks since my husband passed away, our daughter got married six days after the funeral. I have never felt so alone, not lonely. The struggle every day to get up, trying to keep the house jobs going. I miss the every day chat, the caring for each other, the flip in my stomach when he used to walk through the door. Every day is a struggle.

Hi. Montague. You can live in the middle of a big city and still feel lonely. You are not alone, that’s different. You are here among friends. In the circumstances we are in loneliness is bound to occur. Living with a partner for years and suddenly they are not there is heart breaking. I know, and many do how it feels in an empty house when we have been so used to the company of our loved ones. It’s seven months now since my wife passed. At the moment it’s not much better, but now and then chinks of light appear, and often from places I least expect. The restaurant where I go for coffee for instance. Once the staff knew about my wife, because we used to go there together, they have been so kind and helpful. So many have and what with that and this site it is improving. ‘Six long weeks’! Oh yes indeed. Time seems to hang. When we were together it went so fast, now it just drags. Well, not all the time. It does depend on whether we can find something that will set our minds in a different direction. This can’t happen at once because the pain seems to overwhelm us, but it will.
Blessings to you.

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