Losing my only son 😞😞

I lost my only son 06/5/23 worse night of my life when I open the door and 2 navy officers was in front of my house :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:I’m trying tell myself that time that probably my son got a little bit trouble and they letting me know , even in my heavy heart I knew why they are in my front door I see this before when the military comes to the house without informing a family :disappointed::disappointed: . From that time my world shattered my life is over :disappointed::disappointed:I missed him so much … people was telling in time I will heal I don’t think it will happen … im dying inside half of my life is gone


Hello @licmyfam,

I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. I just wanted to say thank you for reaching out and let you know that you have been heard and are not alone.

Sadly, many of our members have experienced the loss of a child. There’s a very active support thread here you might want to look at: Loss of our son aged 27

I can see that you’re in the US. Please do know that there is always someone out there to help you through this. If you think it could be helpful to talk to someone on the phone about how you’re feeling, you can find local support on the Befrienders Worldwide website.

Hopefully someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to share these links with you.

Take good care

Sorry for your loss, my son had been missing 42 hours so i knew when 2 policemen turned up on the doorstep it wasnt good news. Its hard this life we now have or rather no life ive not done much but sit, wash clothes and make sure my other son is okay. These boards are helpful to chat on , everyone understands

I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Welcome to this forum, the place where no one wants to be but this forum is amazing, with kind, understanding people who are all trying to process the grief we find ourselves in. I lost my son in March and to be honest I’m not sure how I have got this far. Keep messaging is all I can say xx

It breaks my heart for the other parents too … I’m praying for your son safety :pray::pray::pray:my son works for the navy and he just started his life and all of a sudden this happened, I’m so thankful that there is a group like this that I can talk to and telling how I feel .

This site is my lifeline where I can actually say my feelings and we all here to help each other, the forum site we never thought we would be on🥲 x

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It is All Souls’ Day :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:I visited my son I thought I can go there without crying but even I’m trying so hard not to …my tears just comes out . If I only
Knew that is the last time I will see him alive when I dropped him off to the airport I will stop him and beg him to stay home . After a week that i dropped him off to the airport I need to pick him up again but that time his already inside the casket . Until now I can’t stop thinking about that . I can’t
even sleep anymore :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:very hard to be ok again

If I was honest I don’t think we will ever be ok again, somehow you to do a minute by minute, the trauma we experience comes back as flashbacks. My ex sister in law sent me a card ages ago with the words …you will never get over the loss of your son you learn to live with it…I’m not sure how yet. I’m going backwards again, seem to of hit the brick wall again. Christmas seems to be thrown in all our faces, I’m avoiding it if I can, and feel like going into hibernation and never come out again. Take care.

MJG im not sure either. Yesterday i had councilling, she was like ’ what are you crying for now! Christmas is in 7 weeks and by then i should be coping better to do things we did normally, or perhaps go away now you can since you are not restricted to a routine any more’…i was like you really really really dont get this.!

Christmas will never be the same, cannot do what we used to ever again and cannot go away as the guilt of we can do things now we dont need to be doing the same routine

Oh Taff, counselling from what you have said didn’t seem very successful, but that’s my opinion. Why do people not get it. I e been crying nearly all morning, a lot of it when I was in the shower, that seems to be my safe place…which sounds odd but works for me. I think my partner is my counsellor, although I did say to him maybe you should leave me and get on with your life. He was horrified I said it. It’s how I feel I guess. I’m really not sure how we are meant to get on with it. I’m am full of gloom today and probably make everyone feel worse, sorry if I do. Are you going to have another counselling session x