Moderation of PMs and privacy on this site

I raised concerns before about our privacy on the site last year and the response I got from admin lead to me becoming less active after 2 years of interacting with wonderful people who could support me and I them.
I wanted to respond to concerns raised about editing of PMs but thread has been locked, so I am posting it here as I want my views considered by admin too as someone who has previously had reason to question the sites privacy.
I don’t interact very much with the group now but do dip in occasionally as I find comfort in the ‘Songs’ thread having set it up with Crazy Kate.
Kate and I have formed a lovely friendship through this forum, exchanging private messages as part of getting to know each other.
I have also helped other members, well I hope I have, with having private conversations away from the open forum, which by the way can be viewed by non members.
So, I too, would like clarification on this. My understanding is unless a complaint is made by the recipient of the message, admin will not read any exchange and to randomly do so must be a breach of data protection.


Worthy of posting Sandra, thank you. Yes needs clarification. xx


Thank you for sharing your feedback here @Stargazer. It’s really good that you’re raising these concerns and will always listen and do what we can to help with any concerns that you’re having. I’ve responded back to the original thread ‘Moderation of PMs’ which I hope helps answer some of your questions.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your patience while I looked into this today. I really appreciate you raising this, it’s completely understandable to hear your concerns about PMs being read. To confirm our moderation processes, we don’t monitor private messages, and will only read them if someone has reported them. We have a bit more information about our moderation in our Terms and Conditions -
After doing some investigating today, we’ve found there’s been an issue with a feature of the community which reports posts to moderators and staff. It seems this has also temporarily been flagging a few PMs which the system thinks is a post which goes against the guidelines.
We’re going to review our training and processes urgently, and get in touch with all of our moderators with some additional training to make sure this all gets resolved. Please be assured your PMs aren’t something that we monitor, and we understand how worrying this might have been to you.
I hope this has helped ease any uncertainty. Once again thank you for bringing this to our attention, we really appreciate your help in keeping the community a safe and supportive space.
We’re going to keep this thread locked, but if you would like to get in touch to talk about this in more detail, you can email me at
All the best,

I’m going to lock this thread too but I’m more than happy for you to get in touch with me over email if you’d like to discuss this in more detail. :slight_smile:

Take lots of care, Aife