Thank you both, just so annoyed with myself for not getting to the service in time. It took a great deal of courage for me to go and then to miss the important bit was so frustrating.

Brought myself a very expensive cupcake today to cheer myself up. Very unhealthy and fattening and Mum would have laughed and asked where hers was!

Feeling sad today , shouldn’t be , should be pleased with where I’m at BUT miss the people of lost and I just can’t get my mojo back today and be positive and remember the good times …that’s the thing though I think sometimes even though you know all that type of thinking gets you through on a bad day all you want is your loved one by your side …hope I get some sleep and tomorrow I can get going again …

Hi Mel sorry to hear you missed the church service for your mum,you tried your best and it wasn’t your fault.Regards the cup cake unhealthy yes,but comforting for us at this time,I have ate so much chocolate since my husband passed more so than food which I know isn’t good but if it gets me through another day I don’t care.I have a swan ornament that you can put a tea lighter in and I light this at night and put it by his ashes and that’s where I go to talk to him,maybe you could do something simular say next to a photo of her.take care. X

Hi Skylark

Thank you, comfort food is sometimes all that works for me. Have an unhealthy liking for cup a soups, full of salt and additives but all i fancy some evenings.

I have a photo of Mum in a butterfly shaped frame next to my bed to look at each night. Very sparkly and cheers me up to see it each morning and evening. Her ashes are in her bedroom so in real times of need can go and lie on her bed to talk to her.


Hi Dee

Sorry to hear you have had a rotten day. It is like a yoyo this existance, one day up and sort of normal and the next back in the doldrums again.

Hope you sleep well and as Scarlet o’Hara said ‘tomorrow is another day’