My 32 year old son died in February 2019-misdiagnosed/ late diagnosed bowel cancer

I’m so so sorry for your horrendous loss it’s utterly devastating in my thoughts Adele x

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I’m so sorry for your sad loss. So many questions. I too cannot believe my child is no longer here when it could have been prevented.
Please know you are in my thoughts.
With love xxx


Nothing to do with you? You were his parents!! I had to do a bit of persuading ti get my son’s partner onside, (she’s an NHS Dr too). The problem is that some people find the way to deal with personal tragedy, even though the tragedy happened through negligence is to bury their heads in the sand. Others fight to get answers. I’m the latter.

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Hi Polly. I too lost a son, he was 43. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and a secondary brain tumour over two years ago. They decided not to do chemo until he had radiotherapy on his brain. That took much longer to get than anticipated. He also had to wait six weeks for the result of his eligibility for immunotherapy. We kept asking when was he getting chemo, after the radiotherapy. Getting an answer at all about his treatment was like getting blood out of a stone. Even the McMillan nurses seemed to be powerless. He died within less than three months after his diagnosis. The oncologist originally said, the tumours were small and could be treated, but he never had chemo until the last two weeks of his life. He was told by the oncologist that there was hope when there was obviously none. I know he would have died anyway, but the delay took away the time we had with him. I was so distraught at the time, that I couldn’t deal with an enquiry.

I know exactly how you feel, but it’s very difficult to get a clear answer. Your loss is still very recent. I still look at his picture and can’t believe he has gone. I never got an answer. I hope you find some answer, you need closure on this, before you can start to
grieve properly. It takes time. I still cry for my boy, but I have a wonderful daughter who got me through the worst times. God bless you Polly I hope you find strength.


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