Safe Dating Sites

If you’re considering doing this then be prepared to be hurt, disappointed and angry. I do not doubt that some people find what they are looking for but remember you are most likely coming to the site when you are at your most vulnerable. You are an income stream and nothing more. Most of the sites claim to be free but this is just to get you on board. The free membership usually entitles you to view only, to get any real benefit you will need to subscribe and will be bombarded by invitations to increase your member benefits with paid for upgrades. Your email inbox will be swamped by supposed matches most of which are totally unsuitable and many of which are highly dubious. I wasn’t prepared to discover that my late wife was regarded as “baggage” and I was expected, by many, to be “done with the past” ironic really because most of the people expecting this clearly had issues of their own. I carry my “baggage” with pride and I am what my past made me.
If any of these sites were as good as they claimed to be then why would you want to sign up for a year’s membership?
The main thing to be careful of is to check out how easy is it to unsubscribe before they whip the next payment from your account. It was easy to subscribe but you need to be an expert to find the unsubscribe option, buried in the small print, especially if you leave this to the last minute.
If you do manage to do this you will be inundated with new matches, even after your subscription has been cancelled, in the expectation they can entice you back. They leave your profile on line which makes you wonder how many people you were disappointed to not receive replies from, never received your message because they were simply no longer there.
If you are reading this on the Sue Ryder website, then I would suggest that you do this only if you are strong enough to handle the consequences. You have had enough hurt in your life, are you ready to invite more? If you are someone with a positive experience - congratulations.

I agree about dating web sites being an income stream for them. I tried them some years ago and tried a few and none of them offered me anything. It feels odd too to do it this way. I think it is better meeting someone in person. If people were more open and men and women talked to each other more, that would help. 21st century seems to have closed people off, a little.

I have not used any site and all this just tells me why I would not want to try. Holidays and getting out and joining groups seems a more positive way to approach this problem. Take care with your life because at present you will be more fragile than you may expect.
Blessings to all S

Many thanks to you Susie and to all others who have replied to my post