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It will be 1 month on Friday since I lost my husband, he was 43. I don’t know where that month has gone. I’m still in disbelief that I have lost him. I’m lucky to have really supportive family and friends, but for them life still goes on which is hard when my life has crumbled. People mean well when they ask if I’m ok or if I need anything, as there is nothing else they can do or say. All I want to say is no, I’m not ok and all I want is my husband back which isn’t going to happen. It’s his funeral next week and then 3 days after his birthday so that’s going to be tough. Everyone one says he would be so upset to see me like this and he’d want me to be happy, and I know that. But it’s too soon for me to be happy when I miss him so much :broken_heart:


It’s still very early and I can’t see how anyone could expect you not to be in the depths of despair at this stage.

That’s one of the harsh realities we all face - life goes on for everyone else - there’s sadness, but it’s temporary, for fleeting moments now and again - ours is a darkness that’s with us every hour of every day.

It’s good that you have a support structure.

Stay strong

A month is no time. I think I was on autopilot going through the motions.

It’s now the 2nd Anniversary of my gorgeous hubby passing.

Very early into my journey I decided I wasn’t going to sink. But I did flounder for a long time. I likened my brain to a washing machine on a spin cycle. It would stop now and again.

I’ve transitioned to the next chapter in the book of my life. No one can write it but you. I wanted to post something positive. I’ve retired. Met a new partner and our mantra in life is to live for now and make memories.

My life is very different but it can be good again. A different good. My friends and family are very supportive of my partner.

It’s your journey and you only have to answer to yourself. Be kind to yourself take it a day at a time. It does get easier as you learn to live with your loss.


I am six weeks now without my lovely husband. No family to support me and my friends have been supportive but have now returned to their lives. My heartache goes on and I don’t know how to cope. We have to find a way through but I don’t think there is a set way or timescale. Take care.

6 weeks since I lost my soul mate and my reason to live. I have never felt such pain. I am on autopilot and don’t really know how to cope on my own. I have supportive family & friends but they have moved on with their life yet I am stuck in this torture. I not alone but I’m desperately lonely without my man. I still sit and cry every day.
I can’t see a future without him :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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