1 Step forward 2 Steps back.

Lost my best friend, soul mate and love of my life.
My beautiful wife Ann on New Year’s Day 2022.
Been together from age of 15yr and 16yr old, school sweethearts.
Everyday I cry for her, and panic over the loss. There are more bad days than good these days. Last week I had a good week, still the tears and thought I was starting to move forward.
Then bang something happens and brings it all flooding back.
This time the headstone needs to be agreed.
Last month Son’s birthday, then my wife’s birthday, then mother’s day, now the headstone.
There’s some kind of family event every month which we both celebrated. I seem to go forward for a few days, Last week being the longest I’ve gone, then slipping back to a
Grief panicky mess… There’s always something to bring you back to the realisation, there’s no more cuddles or kisses, no one to go to sleep with or wake up with to tell them you love them… I just can’t see a way forward… I really can’t.:broken_heart:


So sorry for your loss, billh, this such a difficult time for you.Ihope things become a little easier in time. Sending hugsx