1 week on

Its been 1 week since i lost my lee and to be honest i dont know how ive gotten through it the tears come and go in waves i can be ok 1 minute and fall to peices the next i just cant come to terms with it and dont quite think that it has sunk in properly yet today was a very difficult day as we have had to clear the property he was living in as we didnt live together officially but i couldnt afford the place on my own we have had to get rid of a lot of stuff that he had as it wasnt any use to anyone i obviously took a few things of sentimental value and some of his clothes and bits and bobs but it was heartbreaking to see all of his things being thrown away like that life he had amounted to a few boxes and a couple of black bags but as they say and the world doesnt stop even if my world has stopped the next thing is the funeral and i dont know how i will get through that to be honest …


Clairebear77, I am so sorry for your loss. You’re still in shock so it probably hasn’t sunk in. You’re very early in the grieving process. Make sure you take care of yourself and reach out to people on this site when you need to talk. I’m 4 months out and that is what helped me in my early grieving process. I still hurt everyday and my heart is broken, but it helps to talk to other people that are also living this nightmare.

So sorry for your loss . My partner died 2 weeks ago and I am the same with the emotions, they really are a rollercoaster. Telling people makes me cry every time. Sorting everything can be a distraction but also a trigger so take each day at a time and cry whenever you want , don’t hold it in .