1 whole year tomorrow

Nan i miss you so much, you brought me up when mum had cancer you loved me cared for me. my life will never be the same again. My heart aches for you everyday :broken_heart: i have to get through tomorrow for my beautiful daughter’s, i feel all sorts of emotions. im trying to stay positive and remember all the precious memories i had with you. remember our conversation in 2019 you said to me when the day came just to ask for you to comfort me. i feel you around me so much. i was blessed to have had 46 years of your love even when i was a pain you would say yes mich your a pain but your my pain. i just miss you soooooooo much. i know ill see you again one day till then i love you. :heart:


Thinking of you :heart::heart::heart::heart: xxxx

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thank you darling your my rock i have had some bad days but you always put a smile on my face xxxxx

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Tomorrow will be a year since my husband died. It seems that it is sinking in that he actually has died and I have to get used to life without him. I am feeling especially sad today. Luckily I have my grownup son to share these moments with. Life without my husband Marcus is the worse feeling ever it’s almost like I am living in another world and I want to o go back but I can’t. Some people say the first one of this day is the worst like first time at Christmas and birthday but not for you husband it isn’t like that. The feelings are deeper and more painful. I miss him so very much xxx