1 year on

A year on Friday since my dad and best friend passed away from cancer. It seems two minutes and id been doing OK until this week.
All the fathers day adverts and the speed times going has me broken, i cant stop the tears when does it get easier


Good morning @Dave11

Sorry for the loss of your dad and best friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was looking through threads and seen the title of your post “1 year on” I was hoping it was an inspirational one as I lost my partner 8 weeks ago and was wondering when things get better.

I have seen people talk about making our lifes bigger to not let grief consume us, which in my opinion makes sense.

I hope you can celebrate father’s day in your dad’s memory and try and cherish the love and memories you had for each other as opposed to dwelling on missing him. Easy said than done I know.

Sending you love and hugs :hugs:

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Hi Dave, seen your 1 year on post and opened it as I am a year into having lost my mum, who was my closest friend. I miss her so much and little things just break my heart when I think of how her last year was and how her illness was hard to get on top of and then took her so suddenly. I try and think of happy times and photos I have of her smiling really lift my heart. I write to her and often talk to her. I have found pleasure in new things like feeding birds and just watching them flying above. Maybe “Hope is the thing with feathers” after all. Hoping you find strength in the next year ahead. G xx

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