1 yr ago today

Hi everyone hope you are all well. I feel very low today it’s a year ago today since we buried Leah it’s gone so fast but the worst year of my life. So many different emotions I just hope it gets a little easier I’m thinking of everyone who’s going through this. Shellyanne XX :heart:


My 30 year old son was in remission for 4 years from brain and spine cancer but it has returned and there’s now no cure. He’s been discharged from the Royal Marsden and is now under the care of the local hospice, I’m absolutely devastated. It’s all i can think of atm, how do I cope with this news?

Oh bless you love I can only send you my love and hugs Leah’s cancer was so aggressive it took her very quickly when the cancer goes into remission you think that it’s cured and gone for good and they will be with you forever then it comes back and you have to re live it all over again I just so sorry for your awful news. Shellyanne XX :heart:

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Thank you for your words as it’s true about going through it all again. He was first diagnosed in 2017 and went through 6 weeks of radiotherapy to his brain and spine in the Royal Marsden and had to learn to walk again which he did with the aid of a stick. He then had to go up there every month for chemotherapy for 6 months. He was then free of cancer and had scans every 3 months and they were always clear until May 2022. He was given chemo tablets which made him ill all summer and then a trial drug which obviously didn’t work as he now has double vision and cancer cells in the fluid in his brain and spine. Hes got a very rare cancer medulloblastoma which usually occurs in children so nobody knows much about it. Its apparently an embryonic cancer so he would have had it whilst he was still in my womb.
He got married last September to a girl he fell in love with the year before he got ill and it was a lovely day.
He then had a big reception in November for everyone and my son and his family came over from Florida. I have 8 children and I’m so scared to know at some point i will have to say I’ve got 7😭
He wants to die at home with his wife and 2 rescue cats. I cant believe that this is real and am frightened with what’s going to happen at the end :broken_heart::sleepy:

It’s is devestating.I lost my 24 year old son to cancer.He was in remission after stem cell transplant . everything went well but then died after two weeks.
Sending you my :heavy_heart_exclamation: love

I’m so sorry for you too, what an awful disease this is😡
Our family are grieving too with the loss of my 43 year old daughter’s partner of 20 years Darryl who died on 15th December from liver failure, he was only 47 and my granddaughter who’s 18 is distraught as it all happened in 5 weeks :sleepy: xxx

I’m so sorry for your son I can only send my love. I wish they could find a cure for this terrible disease. Shellyanne XX :heart:

Thank you for your kind words, he’s doing a little better as theyve upped his steroids and put him on mirtazapine to help him with sleep and anxiety. Im just frightened about how he’s going to be when it progresses😪 He had a boost a couple of weeks ago when my son who now lives in Florida made a surprise visit, they were always so close. Xxx

Dear mims ive just read your story im truly sorry .i really hope the hospice are helping with pain control …my son sam had a rare sarcoma the cancer was in his thigh bones and lungs .he went to the marsden but was terminal they offered him pallative care and said he would last a year .he lasted four months the hospice was amazing but he wanted to stay home so i cared for him .sam died peacefully in his sleep st 8 in morning .he was talking to me at three .i have to say the day before sam passed .he was full of life talking about when he was little and lots happy time .its like he new hew was going he was even laughing coz he was talking muddled . He waS at peace no more crap miss him terrible he died 27 april 2021 he will be 27 on sunday miss him every minute of the day my beautiful boy. Sorry to go on mim sending you love and strengh love zoe :heart:

Hi Zoe I’m so sorry for the loss of your lovely son, life is so cruel. Reece has a very rare cancer for an adult, it’s in his brain and spine. He had so much horrible treatment at the Marsden but was in remission for 4 years, he started getting double vision so he underwent tests and there are now cancer cells in the fluid in his brain and spine and there’s nothing more they can do. I got complacent as his scan every 3 months was always good but last May there was a slight change and said that he could just give him chemo tablets to give him more time but they made him so sick and he stopped it for his wedding in September. They then tried sn experimental drug which obviously didnt work. Hes so happy with his wife and its his first relationship so I’feel like I’m in the back seat as before i went through all the treatment with him and now I’m not involved. I dont get to see him as often as i like as they are always doing things which i know is good for him but hesmy youngest son and we had such a strong bond before but he loves his wife so much that I’m quite often afraid to call as i feel his wife has taken complete control of him, shes a paramedic so that part is good. She hasn’t worked since the news so is always there. I’m sorry to waffle but it’s even harder being not so part of everything :sleepy:

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Oh mims that must be so hard for you life us so cruel .but they should consider you. Hiw old is your son . Life is so bloody cruel i always think about them marsden steps saM had radiotherapy the ambulance used to come for him . Such sadness .think you should chat to your son .sending you love xx

Teecr was 30 last year and he jad a surprise birthday party and he knew absolutely nothing about it. The trouble was that it was when we had that really hot weather in August and the place thst it was in the air conditioning was broken so was unbearably hot and Reece was a bit sick because of thst and the chemo tablets. It was lucky that they had a balcony outside that was quite big. I just think about him all the time and i cant believe that one day i wont see or hear him ever again :sleepy: xxx

Reece!! Typo!!

I know i think its so wicked cancer is awful it gives hope and snatchs it vack he has been through so much i hope you get to spend more time with him big hugs so xx