10 years married this week……

My beautiful husband and I would have been married for 10 years this Friday we had so many dreams and plans for our future……he died in August due to neglect in hospital, his oxygen mask fell off starving his brain of oxygen……I am dealing with the Procurator Fiscal and starting the process of getting to the bottom of what actually happened the morning he died, has anyone else been in this position? To make matters worse on the morning of his funeral I fell from the loft ladders over a bannister and down the stairs, I broke five ribs, a vertebrae and my right arm is now held together with titanium plates and rods, I spent 10 days in hospital and feel nothing has really sunk in yet.


Oh Michelle, bless you. As if things aren’t bad enough, having that fall too. I do hope your ribs and arm are healing.

My husband’s care was negligent also, starting from the first time he was admitted to hospital.

After replies from the NHS complaints service it is now in the hands of the Ombudsmen but they have told me that the earliest they will start dealing with it is July 2022 (it’s normally one week…but of course the delay is due to the pandemic)

I hope you can get somewhere with what happened.

Whatever we both find out won’t bring our lovely husbands back to us. That’s all that would make us feel better.

Take care xx

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