19 months on

I think this is getting worse, I am lonely for my husband Jim I can’t to be motivated to do daily tasks and get very tired. I have family and friends support but it’s Jim i need,
I was better before and now have gone downhill. Any advice please to help. Thank you in advance.


Hi Alison. I am sixteen months in. I coped for three months and when family went back to work the silence hit me and I fell apart. I thought I was getting a little better but I too have plummeted I feel anxious and sad all the time. I feel a deep lonliness and I have no motivation to do anything around the house. I feel frightened to go out. I had to really push myself to take my little yorkie for a walk and cried in the rain I am going to go back to GP because I feel the medication I am taking is not helping. I too need my hubby x

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I am feeling for you, we just have to keep going and have hope things will be ok.:pray: