19 year old son and best friend

On the 9th of May just before 8.00am I had a phone call from my wife who was in floods of tears telling me to get home right away. As I approached our patio doors I could see two police officers in the house. I asked them what was going on? their reply was when my life changed forever.
My Son and best friend had been found dead that morning after a heavy drinking session. It was as though someone had just ripped my heart from my chest.

Desperately sorry, Kevin. The phone call you never imagined, never wanted. We all on this thread feel your pain, in our case we’re six months on.
The reasons for our children’s going vary, as do their ages and situations but all have the same dreadful impact on our lives. There is sympathy on here, born of experience. You and your wife will be in shock, be gentle with yourselves and please know that there are many on here who both understand and feel your pain.
Take care,
J xx

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Thanks Jeanie

Hello Kevin, I’m so very sorry to hear about your son. I had a similar situation only I answered the door to police and was told my son had died in a road accident. I had to ring his dad and the rest of the family. I understand your pain. My heart broke in two that day and will never mend. How could it. But you do learn to live a sort of life. The raw pain becomes a dull ache. I don’t think I have yet totally accepted that my son has gone. A bit of me still hopes he will come home. It’s still very early days for you, you will still be in shock. I found it helped me to get books about grief and read about others experience. Just to know that I wasn’t going mad! And there are unfortunately plenty on this site who know exactly what you are feeling. Take care x

Thanks Orchard little steps.
My wife and daughter are not handling it well at the moment, thankfully my daughter has an 8 month old daughter and she makes us smile.

Hi Kevin , along with the others I want to send my sincerest condolences to you and your family at this horrendous time
My son Nick died suddenly 4 years ago.He had a fit but he had also been drinking .He was only 17 and hadnt worked out what his limits were like lots of people his age . I know what you must be going through . I had an amazing relationship with Nick and I’m not going to let death end that . I talk to him.all the time , I will never ever forget him.and know I’ll see and be with him.again one day when my time on this earth is over . Id recommend some counseling if you can get some . If you want to chat on here please do .

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