1losin a daughter

On 17th January 21 we lost our 45year old daughter to Covid. She went into hospital on Christmas day and then into ICU on a ventilator in January. She has left a husband and 3 children aged 7, 11 and 17. We are struggling daily to come to terms with it and sometimes imagine it all to be a dream. Most days we have some sort of breakdown and the pain is just too much to bear. Some days we feel we cannot go on like this anymore and that the pain we are feeling will never go. Our lives have changed forever .

Dear Snowdrop

I’m so terribly sorry you’ve lost your daughter. It’s the most heartbreaking pain you will ever feel. :cry::broken_heart:on top of that your grandchildren have lost their mother. It’s so unfair.

I’m sure you are all still in shock - it does feel like a nightmare and it’s hard to grasp it’s true. Like a bombs gone off in your life.

Just be gentle with yourselves and think about getting through the next hour. Rest if you can’t sleep, cry all you like and share your feelings.

I lost my 30 year old son in October 2019. I never thought I’d make it to here. There are so many kind supportive people on this site…they saved me.

I hope you’re getting support from your gp. Please keep posting- we are here and we understand the agony.

Hugs and love to you