1st anniversry what did you do?

Cannot believe we are now in June already had the 5th anniversary for dad on the 13th yesterday was fathers day that was hard watching my 12 year old stand by her dads grave and the next Tuesday the 29th will be 1 year. I am not working that day and told my daughter its up to her whether she wants to go to school or not that day.

We will probably take some flowers but i know for me all the memories of beeing with him as he passes away in hospital are going to come flooding back they are already starting as a year today was when he ended up back in hospital

Thank you i know its the msgs that get to me like.yiu say what about the rest of the year

I hope you have a peaceful day too take care xx

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In August, it will be 2 years since my husband, Stan, passed away, Last year, the 1st anniversary, I sat and thought about the trauma of my finding him dead on our bedroom floor. This year, it will probably be the same. After 59 years of marriage, nothing will ever be the same.

Take care, x x x


So tomorow is the day and im isolatong until the wknd so cannot go to the cemetry instead my daughter will go and take some flowers x

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I lost my youngest son nearly 2 years ago in an Rta .
He was 21.
I can totally relate to what you said . People come out the woodwork on the anniversary day but where are they every other day ?
It makes me mad as a hatter and feel like telling them where to go with their pity texts .

So Sorry for your loss

Ive been cut off by some of my partner family now all about when he was dying and when he does but hardly hear from anyone now just goes to show dosen it

Take care x

Hi I’m so sorry for your loss
Anniversaries can be so hard
Think the worst is leading up to there anniversary the day
Sometimes you just feel so alone family don’t always understand what ur going through
I thought after found out my dad died was devastated still am💔
Kept in touch with dads family
Ive really tried keep in touch with them now barely hear from any of them🥲
Now think if I don’t keep making effort to keep in touch think they be happy not to
Only hear sometimes not often from yhrm

It’s nice to talk to others in same position, no one else really understands .
Every day is like a punch in the gut that you have to learn to live with. The unknown of it all , the not being able to ask questions and never getting answers is the hardest for me . X

Hi it will be 1 year tomorrow since I lost my partner Ed. I can feel myself getting more and more anxious as the day gets nearer I don’t know how I am going to get through the day .I would like to do something significant to mark the day but don’t know what . I just want it to be over as I know it’ll be hellish Has anyone any advice to offer ? Debbie 13 xx

Do you know what i found it was no different to any other day by that i mean missing him and still hurting yes i had a few tears but i got through it

Just take the day as it comes there is no right or wrong way we think of them everyday

Thinking of you take care x

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Thanks for your kind words I know I justhave to take the day as it comes and that I will get through it with lots of tears but that is normal now love and peace to you Debbie 13 xx