1st Birthday alone

Well today is my Birthday, a 1st without waking up to my Rob saying Happy Birthday. Last year he was in hospital recovering from surgery that had failed but I still got a phone call from him. Its such a strange feeling knowing he wont be here to celebrate. We both turned 60 last year so my children arranged a lovely suprise for me before he went into hospital where we all met up for a meal, I played him singing happy birthday from that day when I woke this morning. To celebrate I am going to buy a ring with both our birthstones in as a gift he would have bought me.


@Punto I won’t wish you happy birthday. But sending you a hug and the ring sounds perfect


The first birthday without them is really hard. My birthday was 8th January and the first without my Keef. He never went overboard with presents etc but just having him there to wish me happy birthday and cook me a nice meal is something I really missed.

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It’s a harder day than Christmas, as we would take the day off work and go out shopping and for a meal.

@Punto Wishing you a calm and peaceful birthday xx

It is important for us to try and find a way of marking our birthdays, even though it is heartbreaking for that one card that meant the world to be missing. Buying yourself a gift which you know your Rob would approve of is a perfect way to include him in your special day.

Next Tuesday is my second one without Chris making a fuss of me. Last year I didn’t really take it in, I was still in shock and bewildered.
This time I have arranged to meet a couple of friends for food and drinks. Last year I wouldn’t have had the strength to do that so I’ll take the positives from it.

I hope you have as good a day as you can.

Hugs to you :people_hugging: Rachael

Thank you, he always tried to buy me jewellery for christmas or birthday so this will be my christmas birthday gift. Happy birthday for next week and enjoy your meal.

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