1st year

I was going to write a fairly long post about my feelings and no matter how I tried could not convey in words the total devastation. This is the hardest journey one could ever imagine and I can only think that I have had my quota of received love.


Brenny, it feels to me like the hardest journey and I’m coming up to the 10 month point. At times I’m at a loss for words. Grief is so many things and there are so many layers.
I can imagine that the 1st year anniversary is particularly hard.
Take care.

Yes I don’t know what I was expecting yesterday. It was as if that after a year I had completed an endurance test and my husband was going to return. How can one possibly even consider that a possibility. It is strange how grief can grip hold of you and torment. I do hope you have a better perspective than me and that you can find a more comforting way to continue on this harrowing journey! I guess we learn from our own thoughts as we deal with special days and memories. Take care and thank you for your thoughts.