2 day is the first year anniversary of my dad’s death

2 day is so very hard all i do is cry n wish he was ere I can’t believe it has been a year i miss him so much
It’s true what they say a heart can b broken but it still keeps a beating. Time doesn’t heal u just learn to get on with life so day’s is k and some a hard but some days just rip ur heart out like birthdays father’s day death day Christmas but we just keep moving on when he passed away part of my heart went with him there is a hole in my heart :broken_heart:
So if ur parents are still with u make memories and take lots of pictures and just spend time with them and tell them u love them as u never know when they will b gone


Hi. Zoe and Welcome back. You are so right. We should be kind to one another and give as much love to those close to us as we can, because we never really know from day to day what will happen. So many of us have regrets, and while it’s not good to dwell on them, they can be voided if we give love and understanding now while they are still with us.
We are all human and make mistakes in relationships. They may be cause for regret after, when it’s too late. But love and forgiveness extend way beyond our passing. It’s almost impossible to believe that someone we loved so much is no longer there. It is all like a bad dream. Yes, all we can do is move on. But with hope in our heart we can, maybe, see some light in the distance.
Take care and be kind to yourself. John.

Hi Zoe,

Nihal Arthanayake tweeted a few months ago that it is 20 years to almost the minute that he lost his dad, and that you never get over it, and then he wrote “Perhaps you never really should”. I totally agree, we will never get over the loss of our dads, because we loved them so much.

I hope you’re doing ok.

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