2 Deaths 2 weeks apart

strong texthi my name is Kelly
I got a message from my younger brother on the 1st of Aug to say himself and my mum had a slight cold but nothing major.
So don’t go round for a few days because they didn’t want me catching it.
Well on the 09/08/21 I get a missed call from my daughter I try to call back but she’s on the phone.
I then got hold of her and she says “mum Scott’s just passed away” ( my younger brother)
I thought I’d put the phone down, but I was just saying NO NO NO NO
Trying to get out the bathroom door but I could hear someone trying to get in
I opened the door and just collapsed into my partners arms screaming sobbing trying to tell him but he had been told already.
I arrived at my parents and run into his bedroom and there he was still warm but no signs off life.
I was just sitting there holding his hand and saying “ Scott stop mucking about wake up now Scott wake up.”
“ I know I never told you but I love you so much you really was one in a million and I’m so happy you was my brother I love you and god your going to be missed by people”
I walked into my parents room and they were just quite I felt awkward
It took about 4 hours before they finally took my brother away.
The next the Tuesday we went to my parents and my mum had falling out of bed.
7 1/2 hours we called the paramedics they got her up and took her into hospital with suspicious of covid she tested positive so kept her in
It was a nightmare for the whole 2 weeks she was kept in.
She was discharged on the 25/08/21 worse then when she admitted.
She could not breath properly
Couldn’t walk stand
And had problems talking like her jaw was locked
I got her home tucked up in bed
I said right I’ll leave you to get some sleep and see you tomorrow
I love you.
She nodded but I said you stubborn cow say it back.
She said love you too
Well that was the last time I saw her or spoke to her alive.
Sadly she died on the 26/08/21
So that’s been really hard on all of us but you wake up every morning with a heavy heart and then you remember there no longer with us.
My brothers death has affected me so much that my mums upset me but I think Scott’s has just numbed me and my dad
I have started drinking a lot more but that’s my coping skills at the moment.
We had my brothers direct funeral on the 20th September 21.
But there is a delay with my mums so we can’t even lay her to rest yet or even get her ashes home in time for Christmas.
Some days I’m ok and another I just feel so low and I can’t really tell people how I feel because that’s not how I was brought up.
But it’s so hard every day every hour every min every


Hello Slyfox. It was sad to read about the heartache you’ve been coping with. I knew I wouldn’t be able to say anything helpful but was drawn to replying if only to send kind thoughts. Please don’t be afraid to seek out support. x

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Hi Slyfox
I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. How horrendous to lose so relatives so close together. I just wanted to let you know that I care and I’m thinking of you. Sending you love and hugs. Xx

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