2 down, 1 to go


Quick update from me, if I may. The second flat has been sold - hurrah! That’s two down and I have committed to buy a lovely new little house. It dates from the 1850s, is detached with a garden and is in the countryside. Original features, including beautiful stained glass. I am starting over there, bringing Tom with me in my heart whilst also looking forward to the future. I return to France in a fortnight, to work, write and walk the mountains - knowing Tom is cheering me as I go. I know he would be proud of me and that makes me so, so happy. Today is a good day for me but I know all of this remains unpredictable as grief will have the final say, as always. Hold tight, everyone and thank you for walking with me on this road. Going together with you all has brought me this far and will help carry me forward. Loads of love, your friend, Vancouver x


Hello @Vancouver
It was lovely to read some good news on here. I am so pleased everything is working out, your new town house sounds wonderful.
I hope you enjoy France and walking in the mountains with Tom there with you.
When it feels the right time, I shall move but I have to know it’s right. I hope I can be as brave as you have been and make my husband proud.
Good luck xx


Amazing @Vancouver I love these updates from you and the positivity on your journey. I know it’s not all been plain sailing for you but you should be so proud. I hope to have your confidence to do France again. We should be there today but events changed the course of our lives. I know I will go back, just need to think, how.

Good luck with the new house, it sounds amazing! :people_hugging::clap::camping:


Thank you, @Ali29 @Rome18 - for your support and encouragement as we go. None of this is straightforward - but we go out with what we’ve got, every day. I am so lucky to have you as my friends x