2 months

It’s now just over 2 months since I lost my mum and iv started having nightmares about being back in the hospital with her so hate going to bed at night now. Had sleep meds when just lost her so doc says I cant have more .

6 months for me. The nightmares do ease I promise. I had awful ones where we were back in the hospital and I watch him suffer again. They are less frequent now.

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Thank u for replying and reassuring me a bit about the nightmares.

Sandie1, at only 2 months it’s very early days for you. Sleep does slowly improve, as the months pass. I found going to bed an hour earlier helped me rest more in the the early months.
I loss my Mum suddenly nine months ago from pneumonia and a heart attack. Writing the words heart attack still feels strange, as if it’s relating to someone else.
Take care.

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I too had awful nightmares with mum in the hospital and her dying. They were every night. Now 10 months on. About once a month. I dream of mum every night still but mostly nice dreams. Which also make me sad. But I’m getting used to them. My mum died very suddenly with a cancer that was misdiagnosed as a broken rib and a chest infection. . It feels weird to say she had cancer. As it still doesn’t seem right. They told us she had cancer then two days later she was gone. Poof!!!just like that

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2 months for me two. I too have dreadful flashbacks of when it happened

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Yes that’s what I’m having when I fall asleep

Yes my mum went quick too. She went into hospital on he Tuesday were told on thursday definitely not life threatening then got called in on the sat morning at 1am. She died on the Monday

Sandie the shock is just dreadful isn’t it. We were told when mum admitted to hospital “she’s very unwell but stable”. They said she had a very bad chest infection. Well you never think someone will die from a chest infection so I was not panicking. . 4 days later they told us she had metastasised cancer in her lungs and probably her bones. But they didn’t know where the primary was. Then she was gone. A blessing for her. I guess. But not those left behind. Even though I prayed she would not suffer long.

Yes the flashback are bad. But they do get less.

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The shock is just completely numbing

2 months for me too, since I lost my mum. I’m also suffering from insomnia and intense dreams.

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Yes its awful. Feel free to message x