2 more poems as i grieve

I write what i feel at that moment.

I am lost ,I am lonely,
I am hurt to the core,
My life was fantastic,
But now thats no more.

Ive been left with a hole,
That no one can fill,
No woman had it all,
Like my lost love Cheryl.

I feel ive been punished,
I feel life is so wrong,
A sentence of bereavement,
Is a punishment to strong.

I may come out stronger,
And deal with the pain,
But one thing for sure,
I cant go through this again.


My darkness has lifted,
My future looks clear,
Then one certain trigger,
Makes my eyes shed a tear,
Then thoughts after thoughts,
Its now all out of sorts,
Remembering the cancer,
The 3yrs she fought.

My darkness has lifted,
My future looks clear,
Todays been a good day,
Had nothing to fear,
Thought after thought,
Of good days we brought,
Remembering the past times,
But the futures un-wrote.

So one day of darkness,
And one day its clear,
But there is no pattern,
Theres nothing comes near,

To grieve for my loved one,
Theres no right way or wrong ,
My ways to write,
A poem not a song.


Dear @Vonde

You write beautiful poetry and it does help with the grieving process.

Take care of yourself.

Peppers xx

Thank you so much, the tears fall are all full of love. Thank you for your beautiful poems.
Take care and take each day one at a time.
Blessings to you.