2 years 6months

Hi everyone so sorry to you all on this site. Over 2 years ago I joined and it was a life saver. It’s a long hard journey I never thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I did not think I would survive my husband of 37 years passing away. I was in a very dark place I got help. It was sink or swim I couldn’t put my children though any more grief. Yes the waves still hit hard but I’m able to cope better I think they will always come. I hope it’s gives a little hope to you all in early grief we can carry on it’s not the life we want we learn to live a different one x


Kim 5

I agree with all you say. It’s coming up for two years now since I lost my darling. Sometimes I think I am not coping but then I talk to my friend who has been widowed 11 years and I recognise that it has got easier in some ways. My friend says she still has a cry now and then and she thinks she always will and I now think it will be the same for me, I can’t imagine the pain of the loss will ever go completely but there does seem to be alight at the end off the tunnel. It has been an effort to go out and about and meet new people but it does help. I always thought I only needed Paul and my family but I realise I need other,people in my life. I found joining the local U3A has widened my horizon. It is a very welcoming organisation.

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Hi Kim. Its 2yrs and 4mnths for me and I am struggling on I admit things are not as bad as they were I have 4 children and 2 of them have been a,great help to me as you say the grief hits hard but we get through it best we can but our lives will never be the same but we live a different life with our husbands in our hearts. Xx


I am widowed like you, nearly two years now. Things do gradually improve. I can now speak about my husband without dissolving into tears like I once did. I have four children and just like you two of mine have been such a great support along with my oldest granddaughter. It’s a revelation to me that one of my children has been so supportive. I hope my husband knows how super he’s been, big hugs to everyone,we need it.